What to Do on Holiday in Grenada

Annadale Falls

Are you fed up with the predictably unpredictable weather in Canada, UK or elsewhere? Snowed out winters and the wet, overcast summers. Maybe the tropical island of Grenada would entice you. Many visitors are choosing this Caribbean island for a well deserved break.
Spectacular white sand beaches and dazzling azure blue water, with lots of tour activities, restaurants and bars for nightlife, Grenada holidays are just what the doctors ordered!
Temperatures average 28° Celsius in this tropical eden with gorgeous sunshine every day. So if you want to enjoy the best of Grenada avoid the rainy season from June to November and book your Grenada vacation during the first half of the year.

Things To Do on Holiday

There are a variety of things to do during your visit to Grenada, the only problem is fitting them all in. For a beautiful picnic day out take a drive to Lake Grand Etang or Annadale Falls. Buy spices at Monkey Barz shop in Grand Etang Forest Reserve. If you're a history buff take a trip to Fort George. The Carenage below is said to be the prettiest harbour in the Caribbean. (List of Grenada Car Rental Companies).

If you're a watersports fan then head over to Sandy Island, a stunning beach which is popular with snorkelers. And if you're after a spot of culture then head to the Carriacou Museum which includes several exhibitions of the history of the island.

Things to do: Culture

There is plenty for history-lovers to explore in Grenada. One of the most popular attractions for those wishing to learn more about Caribbean history is Leapers Hill. This hill, situated just north of Sauteurs is the site in which the Carib Indians leapt to their death rather than surrender to French Colonists in n the 17th Century. It is an extremely important landmark and is popular with visitors to the island. You can order a map of the island.

Grenada has something for the whole family to enjoy with several festivals each year and the Grenadian Carnival takes place in August with live calypso music, colourful costumes galore and delicious foods on offer. On February 7th Grenada celebrates its independence from Britain with ceremonies, parades and even a reception at the Governor General's Residence. Luscious thick verdant forests and nutmeg and almond trees mix with fabulous beaches. Deep blue waters and white sands make Grenada's beaches some of the most beautiful in the whole of the Caribbean. These natural delights await your arrival when you travel to Grenada!
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