Gouyave Fishermans Birthday

Do a lap of Gouyave like Olympic, World and Commonwealth 400 metre champion Kirani James and visit Gouyave the fishing village of St. John’s. The 29th June is Fisherman’s Birthday. This festival celebrates the feast of St Peter’s, the patron Saint of Fishermen with the tradition of blessing nets and boats. Sailboats from around Grenada and the Caribbean return to Gouyave for a day of competitive workboat racing and street party. Gouyave Nutmeg Station The largest processing station of nutmeg and mace on the island in St John’s.Fedon’s Camp After the treaty of Versaillies in 1783, Grenada was ceded to the British who then imported a large number of slaves from West Africa to work on the plantations. In 1795 the British control was challenged by the
slave rebellion led by Julian Fedon, a black undercover agent recruited by the French revolution. Fedon’s
coffee and cocoa plantation situated in Belvedere, St. John’s was an ideal spot for his headquarters, chosen
for its inaccessibility. The attack started simultaneously in Grenville and St John’s. Although the rebellion
was overthrown after 15 months by the british military command led by General Nicholl, tension remained
St Patrick’s high until the abolition of slavery in 1834. As featured on Travellers Guide Grenada

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